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BC's native plants have a long evolutionary history with wildlife and pollinating insect dependency. During this biodiversity crisis, as gardeners and stewards, you can take environmental action into your own hands changing one yard at time. Whether its gardening for pollinators and birds, drought tolerant plants or shade gardens, there is a wide variety of native plants that are very showy in bloom to others that offer uniqueness, oddity, medicinal qualities and simplicity, a general relief from flamboyant effects.
Prices reflect the rarity, age or difficulty of propagation of the plants listed. Please ask for items that are not listed in this catalogue, as an availability list of items such as native shrubs and trees as well as other perennials available in small quantities can be sent to you on request .
B.C.'s Wild Heritage has been serving customers since 1989. Our nursery is a sustainable outdoor forest-farm operation utilizing the forest shade to produce shade-loving shrubs and herbs used for seed stock, fern spores, cutting and stolon material, while maintaining wildlife and riparian values. To ensure our practices are sustainable, we have completed a BC Environmental Farm Plan. We are always working to improve our service and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your past support and for creating environmentally friendly landscapes!
Lee Larkin - Owner

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