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Wholesale Customers:
• Please e-mail bcwildplants@uniserve.com for a current price list.

Retail Sale Hours: By appointment only. Please phone 604-858-5141 to arrange an appointment.
Adjustments to Orders:
• Mail order customers will be notified as soon as possible if there has been any loss of stock due to weather conditions, disease, or other circumstances beyond our control.
Plant Availability:
• On a first-come, first-serve basis, so we cannot guarantee that all the plants listed in catalogue will be available at all times.
• Via Parcel Post Expedited or Courier, from October through to March. Orders are not shipped in summer.
• Provide your actual street address and phone number for the courier as they cannot ship to a P.O.Box! Orders without phone numbers will be held provided.
• All goods travel at the purchaser's risk and expense.
• All plants are true to name. Any claims due to our error must be made within seven days, and if valid will be dealt with as a credit towards your next order.
• All duty and phytosanitary certification fees for US shipments are charged to the customer.
• Prices are subject to change without notice.

To order in person or visit the nursery, see the contact page for details.

Conversions for Pot Sizes:
Centimeters Inches
6.5 cm 2 1/2" pot
7.5 cm 3" pot
10 cm 4" pot
11.25 cm 4.5" perennial quart pot
15 cm 1 gallon pot
15cm short 6" round pot

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